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What I'm going to do with this

Okay, for reals.

I think LJ is going to start becoming my real life journal (since I doubt my real life friends will be moving here) and this one will be more of a fandomy thing. I'm not really in fandom anymore--I don't read/write fic (except for that one Roswell one that I haven't given up on)--but I like discussing shows. Although really, it depends on how the DW community turns out.
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Okay, then we didn't watch Lost together. I so remembered us shipping Shannon/Boone and hating on Kate. I must have made that up...

I loved Son Of M *so much.* And yes, I do have the mad love for Pietro. One of these days, I plan to read "Avengers," which is a team of superheroes that both Pietro and Wanda are members of. I plan on loving them both and also shipping them both. <3 You should read with me? And I'll wait till you have more time. It'd be fun!

I also recommend "X-Factor?" The new one with Pietro and Multiple man. Not the old one where Scott dumps his wife and son to go be with Jean. Sigh.

Also! I'm impressed with how you managed to read all the important titles that I was wondering how to sell to you without confusing you.

And yes, current Uncanny is boring, and I'm not really reading anything except for the Emma bits people link me to which usually just fill me with rage. I don't like how they're making her more conventional now that she's become a central part of the X-men.

Runaways is fun, and I need to upload "Alias" for you.

Did you read the old New Mutants or the new ones? Was Kitty there?
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Alias is a comic set on the fringes of the Marvel universe about a girl who used to be a superhero but is now a private investigator who often ends up investigating superhero related crimes. It's excellent because the heroine is someone who was not cut out to be a superhero. So after her one big Superheroic proportion tragedy, instead of picking up the pieces and starting over, she quit. I like it a lot because it sort of...shows that there are different ways of being a hero? It's also much darker than most comics because it's set in Marvel's 'adult' universe.

I read "New Mutants" for Emma for a bit, but they writers were not fond of her, and this annoyed me and I was also kind of turned off by how they kept killing all the characters. It was the new team that took over after M-day. Mostly, I kind of just follow the five characters I like into whichever title they happen to be in, rather than actually reading titles.

I need to send you "Mekanix," which is a fun series of only eight issues that sort of follows Kitty during the time she is away from the X-men and going to college. It has a bit of an Emma Frost feel to it, except a bit darker, because you get to see mutants interacting with...humans. Which X-men doesn't do often enough, and this is part of why I loved Scott's human wife madly. Before they pulled a Tess with her.

If it helps, I've been reading comics for years now, and I really can't figure out the whole ending and starting in a different title thing either. Like, dude, when comics run concurrently? And it's like, "For more of this story in Uncanny X-men, why don't you pick up this week's SPIDERMAN comic?" Um, no. My reading of titles never survived their branching off into other things.

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I just posted links to Excalibur on LJ for you. :) I also have much of Alias uploaded and will put that up soon, too. And you should wait to read Mekanix until after you're done with "Excalibur."

I noticed that Emma wasn't portrayed in the best light in New Mutants, but I forgave it because it was told from the point of view of the students, who are completely biased when it comes to which teachers they like best.

Well. I can't be expected to like characters who are hating on Emma now, can I? ;) By the time I started reading New Mutants, everyone else on my FL was hating and leaving, so that possibly rubbed off on me a bit, too.

I enjoyed Madelyne because she did well with all the insanity and chaos of X-men that got thrown at her. She wasn't a hero like them, but she was heroic in her own way and Marvel failed to see that and totally sacrificed her at the altar of the Jean/Scott OTP.
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Kitty, Emma, Madelyne, Rachel Summers, and Pete Wisdom.

Did you read "Days of the Future Past" arc?