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What I'm going to do with this

Okay, for reals.

I think LJ is going to start becoming my real life journal (since I doubt my real life friends will be moving here) and this one will be more of a fandomy thing. I'm not really in fandom anymore--I don't read/write fic (except for that one Roswell one that I haven't given up on)--but I like discussing shows. Although really, it depends on how the DW community turns out.
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[personal profile] prozacpark 2009-05-07 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
I just posted links to Excalibur on LJ for you. :) I also have much of Alias uploaded and will put that up soon, too. And you should wait to read Mekanix until after you're done with "Excalibur."

I noticed that Emma wasn't portrayed in the best light in New Mutants, but I forgave it because it was told from the point of view of the students, who are completely biased when it comes to which teachers they like best.

Well. I can't be expected to like characters who are hating on Emma now, can I? ;) By the time I started reading New Mutants, everyone else on my FL was hating and leaving, so that possibly rubbed off on me a bit, too.

I enjoyed Madelyne because she did well with all the insanity and chaos of X-men that got thrown at her. She wasn't a hero like them, but she was heroic in her own way and Marvel failed to see that and totally sacrificed her at the altar of the Jean/Scott OTP.