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Alias is a comic set on the fringes of the Marvel universe about a girl who used to be a superhero but is now a private investigator who often ends up investigating superhero related crimes. It's excellent because the heroine is someone who was not cut out to be a superhero. So after her one big Superheroic proportion tragedy, instead of picking up the pieces and starting over, she quit. I like it a lot because it sort of...shows that there are different ways of being a hero? It's also much darker than most comics because it's set in Marvel's 'adult' universe.

I read "New Mutants" for Emma for a bit, but they writers were not fond of her, and this annoyed me and I was also kind of turned off by how they kept killing all the characters. It was the new team that took over after M-day. Mostly, I kind of just follow the five characters I like into whichever title they happen to be in, rather than actually reading titles.

I need to send you "Mekanix," which is a fun series of only eight issues that sort of follows Kitty during the time she is away from the X-men and going to college. It has a bit of an Emma Frost feel to it, except a bit darker, because you get to see mutants interacting with...humans. Which X-men doesn't do often enough, and this is part of why I loved Scott's human wife madly. Before they pulled a Tess with her.

If it helps, I've been reading comics for years now, and I really can't figure out the whole ending and starting in a different title thing either. Like, dude, when comics run concurrently? And it's like, "For more of this story in Uncanny X-men, why don't you pick up this week's SPIDERMAN comic?" Um, no. My reading of titles never survived their branching off into other things.

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