tzipwich: ([X-Men] Cess)
I just like B and that's all. ([personal profile] tzipwich) wrote 2009-05-05 03:01 pm (UTC)

It was the new New Mutants, with Emma and Dani being the advisors (Kitty was there, but as a teacher, and she only appears once or twice--I don't think that's what you meant). I really liked reading about teenagers with teenager problems (plus all the problems that go along with being a mutant, but not necessarily X-Men levels of action) for once. And it got really dark and horrible after M-Day, but it was compelling. And somehow Cessily became my favorite even though she doesn't really stand out.

And don't worry, it was plenty confusing trying to get through the main titles and trying to figure out what happens before what. Also, when stories end and then they continue in a different title--how am I supposed to keep up with that?

I'm up for reading Avengers with you at some later point in time! Sounds good.

Is Alias the same universe as Alias the TV show, or are they not related at all?

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