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prozacpark ([personal profile] prozacpark) wrote in [personal profile] tzipwich 2009-05-05 12:46 pm (UTC)

Okay, then we didn't watch Lost together. I so remembered us shipping Shannon/Boone and hating on Kate. I must have made that up...

I loved Son Of M *so much.* And yes, I do have the mad love for Pietro. One of these days, I plan to read "Avengers," which is a team of superheroes that both Pietro and Wanda are members of. I plan on loving them both and also shipping them both. <3 You should read with me? And I'll wait till you have more time. It'd be fun!

I also recommend "X-Factor?" The new one with Pietro and Multiple man. Not the old one where Scott dumps his wife and son to go be with Jean. Sigh.

Also! I'm impressed with how you managed to read all the important titles that I was wondering how to sell to you without confusing you.

And yes, current Uncanny is boring, and I'm not really reading anything except for the Emma bits people link me to which usually just fill me with rage. I don't like how they're making her more conventional now that she's become a central part of the X-men.

Runaways is fun, and I need to upload "Alias" for you.

Did you read the old New Mutants or the new ones? Was Kitty there?

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