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prozacpark ([personal profile] prozacpark) wrote in [personal profile] tzipwich 2009-05-05 12:19 pm (UTC)

I suck so much. I actually have all of Excalibur on Megaupload, which I put up for you, but I've failed to post the links because I couldn't figure out where the "Pryde and Wisdom" miniseries fits in the reading order. I guess I'll just post it as is, and by the time you get to issue 100ish, I would have asked someone or figured it out. :)

I'm curious: which other comics did you read? I have many recs for you, but I'll wait and put them up once your semester is over. :)

I'm sort of getting back into them now that I don't have much TV to watch and am sort of shunning it at the moment.

I'm trying to remember if you watched season one of "Lost" while I was watching it when it first started airing?

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