tzipwich: ([Roswell] Max/Tess (Max in the City))
I just like B and that's all. ([personal profile] tzipwich) wrote 2009-05-05 12:10 pm (UTC)

Right now it's looking like I'll have to take one course next semester, I'm hoping that's it.

I started watching Lost in between Seasons Two and Three, and I haven't actually seen a whole bunch of episodes in Season Two--although I'm not crazy about the episodes that I did see. I like the later seasons better.

Heroes my husband started watching this season, and I watched a little over his shoulder until I finally gave in and watched the whole thing. But I never got attached to any of the characters, and the plot holes are just too gaping to ignore. And yeah, this latest arc was exactly something taken right out of X-Men, only why would I want to watch it on Heroes when X-Men did it better?

I started reading a lot of comics when I found a sekrit source for them, but I don't really have time for those either now? At least for the next few weeks. Unless you want to share Excalibur; I got curious since you're always talking about it, and I wasn't able to find more than the first few issues.

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